Documented in 1079. The first mention that we know is a testament to Ramon Mir (Vicfred owner) to his wife and Engèlsia preserved in the diocese of Solsona.

In 1099 Vicfred name appears in the consecration of the Guissona Church. In 1179 Gombau Ribelles married to Cabrera’s Marchioness , mistress of Montsonís and the Ventoses, there seems to be left to his daughter Sança de Llobera Vicfred property. When King Pere III establishes Cardona  County, Vicfred is specifically named in the royal diploma. As the Dukes of Cardona, lords of Torà and barons of Bellpuig and Juneda (1600) within the castle is a bastion of his possessions.

For several lustrums Ribelles family act as “castlans” governors until Cardona’s family arrival, which establish their rule until the extinction of the feudal. During the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth belongs to one of the most important and influential families in Catalonia: the Cardona. In 1998 Vicfred Castle becomes a particular property which is restored and their walls are filling with the beauty and splendor that it had been for centuries.

King Felip V was  in the castle in 1701.

The preteder to the throne Carles de Borbó was lodged in it, 12 June 1837,  the day of the battle of grain, accompanied by the Bishop of Lleò.


   View from the castleAmadeu I de Saboya, in their march into exile in 1873,  spent the night at  Vicfred Castle. 


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